Welcome to Modern Day Neanderthal, a site that is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the human body through a re-connection to our primal coding.

My name is Ryan Gray, and I founded this site as a way of sharing information I learned while trying to optimize my own life. After topping the scales at almost 400lbs, I discovered something that changed how I look at health, fitness, and lifestyle choices: Ketogenic Diet. Through the ketogenic diet, I naturally transitioned into a primal way of living. Within a year and half, my weight was within healthy range, I felt energetic, and more alive than ever.

Now I’m on a mission to offer an alternative way of living to those that have found themselves living a life they are unfulfilled with. Whether you've tried and failed so many times you've given up, or maybe you don't even know where to begin, I want to create a comprehensive resource to set you up for success.

I seek to question the status quo of “healthy eating”  “wellness” and “fitness”, and to attempt to fully optimize the human body and human experience.

Please join me for the ride. Release your inner Neanderthal!


-Ryan N Gray




Whether its Diet & Nutrition, Fitness, Health, or Recipes, Modern Day Neanderthal has you covered. From isolation tanks to mouthwatering fat bomb recipes to running (almost) barefoot through the hills and cities, we’ll cover topics that will help even the most modern city dweller get in touch with their primal side


On the go? Take us with you.

Check out our podcast and listen to our library of episodes where we cover unconventional subjects and topics relating to all aspects of life and sanity.


Think eating primal is a sacrifice? Think again! Our master chef prides herself on being able to take any traditional recipe, stripe it of any grains or sugar, and redesign it to give it Modern Day Neanderthals Keto and/or Paleo seal of approval.

Check out our recipes page for some delicious, easy-to-make meals that don’t require rare ingredients or space age machinery.


Meet the Team

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ryan pic

Ryan N. Gray


Author, Blogger, Podcaster. Founder of Modern Day Neanderthal. Connoisseur of tattoos and butter coffee. Bare foot living, functional fitness, and fresh food lover. Trying to live keto in a world full of carbs.


Alex Ochoa

Podcaster & Fitness Enthusiast

Athlete, Fitness Enthusiast, Mover of heavy things, Podcaster. The world is my Gym. Certified Personal Trainer. Every day is leg day. Sports super fan..

pattie pic

Patricia Gray

Food experimenter

Wife, Mother of three, lover of food. Grain-free is the way to be, so put down the tortillas and pick up the cauliflower. 1+ year of keto eating and primal living.  I'm here to prove that Keto meals don't have to consist of only Bacon and Cheese (but it can, if you want). Anthony Bourdain is my spirit animal

Getting started on a ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet doesn’t have to be confusing. This article is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in going keto. No myths. No BS. Everything you need to know, plus a sample meal plan.